Board & Committees


  • Bench Bar, Chair, Hon. Lynne A. Battaglia
  • Community Outreach Committee, Co-Chairs, Joseph Maher and Suzanne Houle
  • Judicial Selection Committee, Chair, Thomas B. Stahl, Vice-Chair, Kelcie L. Longaker
  • Social Committee, Chair, Ethan Dellinger
  • Membership Commmittee,  Chair, Magistrate Lara Weathersbee
  • Lawyer Referral Service Committee, Chair, Ali Kalarestaghi
  • Pro Bono Committee, Chair, F. Todd Taylor, Co-Chairs, Victor Berger and Kevin Kelehan
  • Courthouse Renovation Committee, Chair Ryan Dymek, Co-Chair Daniel Scherr
    • Courthouse Technology Sub-Committee, Chair, Jason Ridgell


  • Estates and Trusts Section, Chair, Jennifer McManus
  • Young Lawyers Section,  Chair, Ryan Dymek
  • Real Estate Section, Chair, TBA 
  • Criminal Law Section, Chair, Tim Mitchell
  • Family Law Section, Co-Chairs, Karen Amos and Tracey Perrick 
  • Business Law Section, Chair, Scott Osborn

Other Programs

  • Lawyer Assistance Program, Chair, Mark Muffoletto

Board Officers

Thomas B. Stahl, President
Kelcie L. Longaker, President Elect
Ryan J. Dymek, Treasurer 
Joseph M. Maher, Secretary
Mary J. Pizzo, Immediate Past President


Board Members at Large

Hon. Lynne A. Battaglia
Claude DeVastey-Jones
Ethan T. Dellinger
Ali M. Kalarestaghi
F. Todd Taylor
Magistrate Lara Weathersbee